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Feb 22, 2018

(SPOILERS) Actually, no spoilers this week because Sharleen is going unspoiled this season. She joins me to talk about her current run in La Boheme in British Columbia and being in an opera, how she’s going unspoiled this season (14:14), how we have completely different opinions on Arie as the “Bachelor” (19:47), hometown dates and the silly stages of “I’m falling for you” (25:48), her surprise at Tia leaving at Final 4 (32:58), her overall impression of the girls and the direction the show is headed (37:02), how social media response has changed the show (44:22), where does the show go from here and any changes she would make (55:10), her predictions on how it will end (57:54), the “Women Tell All” and her thoughts on Krystal (1:00:08), and we end with the Final 10 (1:07:47).

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Feb 15, 2018

(SPOILERS) Jenn joins me to talk about that fateful day in 2005 at an FSU/Miami game where her life changed, the opportunities that came from it (9:21), getting jobs because of the way she looked (12:57), getting hired by the Jets in 2008 (15:33), when she was first told she needed to get a breast reduction to make it in the industry - and she agreed (19:16), everything before and after the Deadspin story breaking in 2010 (24:00), the recent Boston Globe story in December of 2017 about sexual harassment at ESPN and Jenn's role in it (52:42), incidents she experienced as a female reporter in the business (1:13:21), her recent marriage (1:22:47), being an animal activist (1:26:58), what she's doing now in her writing and stand up career (1:30:38), and her thoughts on the Paige Spirinac/Britt McHenry Twitter beef from a couple days ago (1:40:19).

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Feb 8, 2018

(SPOILERS) Sarah joins me and we talk about how I screwed up her career last week, how her season of the “Bachelor” is basically missing from the internet (5:46), how she got cast & how’d she find out the “Bachelor” was Charlie (7:28), her season being filmed all outside of LA for the first time (10:12), what she remembers about the first night (11:25), the dates being local & more realistic on her season (13:23), Charlie’s behavior on set & how they got along (16:40), the ending of Charlie not choosing anyone dating both girls (22:15), how secretive they had to keep their meet ups post filming while the show was airing (25:08), the live finale & did she think he’d propose (29:10), their 5 year post-show relationship (32:04), why they ultimately broke up (34:23), what she’s doing now (38:20), how she met her husband (41:28), and we end with the Final 10 (46:43).

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Feb 1, 2018

(SPOILERS) Jason & Cortney join me to talk about where they were at in life when they decided to do this show, did they know who the other couples were (9:25), what did their parents think of them marrying a stranger (10:56), how detailed the application process was (12:12), did either want to walk out at the last minute (16:20), their first impression of the other one (19:19), what it was like saying vows to someone you had just met (21:36), getting to know each other at the reception (23:44), did they have sex on their wedding night (29:26), their honeymoon in the Poconos (31:06), post honeymoon life & the struggles that occurred (33:11), decision day (40:08), their first year of marriage TV show & how difficult it was (43:27), do they think they would have met if they didn't do the show (58:30), do they want kids (1:01:59), and we end with basically a Newlywed Game version of the Final 10 (1:03:49).

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Jan 25, 2018

(SPOILERS) Dana joins me to discuss in detail the spoiler that I broke this past Tuesday. I know some of you don't like to hear spoilers in the podcast, but this one is ALL about spoilers. So even people that are just reading this, instead of doing time stamps of topics which would reveal them, I'll even refrain from printing those for those not wanting to know. Just know that if you don't want to know anything about what happens at the end of Arie's season, today's podcast isn't for you. You've been warned. Everyone else who wants to hear the spoiler dissected from all different angles, I hope you enjoy it.

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Jan 18, 2018

(SPOILERS) Tori joins me to talk about her pageant days, how she got cast for Road Rules: Viewers Revenge (7:57), would she rather be on “Road Rules” or “Real World” (12:49), her first season of the “Challenge” (18:43), meeting Brad on the “Gauntlet” (26:11), being married to Brad and competing on “Cutthroat” (31:16), why they chose to leave the franchise after “Cutthroat (33:42), how her divorce first became public (36:50), when did things start going south in the marriage and the mistakes she made (39:31), a recent tweet where she threw shade at Brad (46:59), her US Weekly interview (49:52), will we see her compete on the show again (1:04:05), and we end with the Final 10 (1:06:29).

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Jan 11, 2018

(SPOILERS) Ashley joins me to talk about if she's going spoiled or unspoiled this season, being critical of the current contestants as a former contestant (6:38), productions role in creating characters on the show (11:30), Krystal's actions last episode (17:18), her opinion of Bibiana (21:08), her early favorites and what the first night of filming is like (23:44), the idea of interrupting conversations and how it works (31:06), Chelsea's comment about giving up so much to be there (34:23), Arie & Courtney's relationship (36:56), the Twitter beef she had with James Taylor recently (50:25), her being a bit candid about being a sexual assault victim in the past and the current #MeToo movement (56:32), her husband being a huge Eagles fan & them attending the game this Saturday (1:05:52), her new job & her book club on Facebook (1:08:52), and we end it with the Final 10 (1:15:19).

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Jan 4, 2018

(SPOILERS) Juliet joins me to talk about if she’s going spoiled or unspoiled this season, her thoughts on Arie as the Bachelor (7:04), ratings from the first night (10:10), Winter Games talk (12:48), likes & dislikes from the girls’ intro videos (15:28), her top 4 based on the first episode (17:53), which limo entrances she was into (19:50), her thoughts on being in attendance for the first night of filming in past seasons (22:22), Arie saying he fell in love with two women this season (24:38), Bachelor contestants branching out to MTV shows now (32:20), and finally she updates us on all the podcasts she does for & we have a little NBA talk (40:58).

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Dec 28, 2017

(SPOILERS) First up, Sydney joins me to talk about the two of us came in contact, how & when she met Arie (11:12), how did she view their relationship (14:51), their first date and her meeting his dad (17:56), the biggest red flags in their relationship (22:10), cheating rumors regarding Arie (24:24), Arie and Courtney's relationship & how it affected their relationship (30:29), Arie contacting Sydney since filming has ended (41:19), her feelings now (53:07). We are then joined by Brittany who talks about why she decided to come forward now (1:04:40), how she met Peter and their relationship up until he left to film Rachel's season (1:07:30), how she initially found out the guy she was dating was possibly going on the "Bachelorette" (1:10:05), for the first time ever I discuss how Brittany played a major role in me changing my Rachel spoiler (1:22:10), when did things start to go south with them (1:28:14), why she thinks speaking out can help others (1:35:01), and is her relationship with Peter repairable (1:43:58).

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Dec 21, 2017

(SPOILERS) In this joint interview, Brandi begins by asking me about the lawsuits I've dealt with (and could be dealing with), what "Bachelor" contestants careers become once the show airs (12:25), we talk a little Chad Johnson (14:19), I ask her why "Celebrity Apprentice" was the most difficult reality show she's done (21:47), if she learned anything from being on "Famously Single" (28:16), her trust issues with boyfriends (30:26), her relationship now with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian (35:33), Brandi then asks me about my dating life (38:16), online dating (42:05), we then discuss the celebrity phone hacking and sharing nudes (51:55), sex on top of a car (53:32), what her regrets are about on anything she's said in her books or done publicly (54:26), are her kids aware of how her divorce came to be (1:00:40), and is her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump irrepairable (1:03:02).

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Dec 14, 2017

(SPOILERS) Eliza joins me to talk about being the youngest cast member ever on the show at the time she was cast, her upbringing (6:10), her recent travels all across Europe (10:19), how Chris Daugherty ended up winning “Vanuatu” despite the all girl alliance at the end of the season (16:45), her infamous final Tribal Council speech to Chris & Twila (23:10), does she like the amount of idols now hidden in the game (25:27), the “Fans vs Favorites” finale of Parvati vs Amanda (32:32), general “Survivor” questions that I hear all the time in regards to food, producers, tribals, grooming, shelters, etc (33:55), some personal stuff I found when googling her (46:16), we play word association with some of the legends of the show (51:11), and end with the Final 10 (53:17) which goes a while because we head off on some tangents and she has a great story about winning “Hamilton” tickets.

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Dec 7, 2017

(SPOILERS) Johnny joins me to talk about why people don’t like him, his overall thoughts on “Dirty 30” (5:43), how he feels about what Camila is going through (10:38), his relationship with Wes (17:12), the AYTO people being part of the Challenge (20:35), strategy overall on the show (24:43), newbies going after the vets (28:14), his finale moment on Rivals 3 & everything that went behind the decision on keeping the $275k and not sharing with Sarah (30:02), does he like the “Champs vs Stars” format (41:50), going on Jimmy Fallon a couple weeks ago (50:39), what would it take for him to hang it up (1:02:03), we play word association with some of his castmates (1:04:08), and we wrap it up with the Final 10 (1:07:41). 

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Nov 30, 2017

(SPOILERS) I talk for a bit about why you've heard basically radio silence from me for the last week and do a timeline of the events that have transpired since I tweeted last Tuesday, I give you your Final Four Breakdown (18:03), recap my tweet from Thanksgiving regarding the "Bachelor: Canada" spoiler (29:00), and then wrap it up with thoughts on "Bachelor: Winter Games" (32:00).

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Nov 23, 2017

(SPOILERS) Cara Maria joins us to talk about her career on the Challenge, this season’s 2nd place finish and her immense dislike for Jordan (3:50), how the finale results didn’t air until the reunion show & how it was filmed (16:30), Camila’s issues (20:07), her confrontation with Kailah at the reunion (28:55), the Dirty 30 theme and strategy for the season (36:18), where her relationship with Abram stands now (46:48), her cheating on Abram during “Bloodlines” which then turns into a discussion about the double standard in regards to Tony’s cheating (54:49), would she do a season of “Battle of the Exes” with Abram (1:06:03), was there a love triangle with herself, Laurel, and Nicole on “Invasion” (1:08:10), what she’s doing when not in the Challenge (1:10:12), we play Word Association (1:14:10), and end with the Final 10 (1:17:09).

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Nov 16, 2017

(SPOILERS) Olivia joins me to talk about how she got cast, having the target on her back immediately (3:25), being an introvert & how it didn’t mix well with this show (4:44), the editing of her “character” (6:55), being the villain (10:57), her Teen Mom comment to Amanda being blown out of proportion (18:22), getting dumped on the 2-on-1 (21:04), the bullying she got post show & her move to New York at the time (23:27), her “Mouthing Off” podcast (32:56), her parents getting married on GMA in the 90’s (34:00), having Rachel on her podcast this week (41:40), questions from readers (47:00), the Final 10 (55:20), and we end it by taking questions from the audience (1:12:33).

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Nov 9, 2017

(SPOILERS) Sadie joins me and talks about how she was actually pro-active in getting cast on the show, her 1-on-1 in Rome with Lorenzo (10:40), getting labeled the first ever virgin on this show (16:58), how she dated a producer immediately after the show (19:40), did she think she was getting picked the morning of the final rose ceremony (23:10), spills the tea on why they shot her getting dumped twice (26:13), how she started dating Lorenzo post-show (32:21), was Lorenzo the worst Bachelor as Chris Harrison claims (36:45), her crazy dating life over the last few years (43:30), did she ever date Nick? (53:10), her current job as the Go To Girlfriend and how it came to be (58:21), and it ends with a 45-minute Final 10 because we go off on so many different tangents (1:06:52).

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Nov 2, 2017

(SPOILERS) Astrid joins me to talk about her childhood, how she got cast & her limo entrance (7:08), production’s role before they come on the show (10:01), her first group date (10:01), the track and field group date that she won yet was known more for something else (21:53), how awful the farming group date in Wisconsin was (27:34), being friends with Rachel and her take on the Peter break up (35:22), accidentally spoiling Rachel’s season in an interview (41:13), why she was set to go on Paradise then decided against it (44:09), her volunteer work with terminally ill children (52:54), and the newly named “Final 10” (59:54).

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Oct 26, 2017

(SPOILERS) Lorenzo joins me to talk about how he was cast in a time where they weren’t picking from the “Bachelorette” pool of guys, did he know what he was getting himself into (4:48), the show airing opposite of “Monday Night Football” for his season (8:02), filming the show overseas (12:18), were they noticed in Rome (16:22), the honest reason he chose Jen over Sadie (17:46), his relationship with Jen post-show and how soon he knew it wouldn’t work (23:18), dating Sadie after breaking up with Jen (27:42), his dislike for Chris Harrison (30:58), what he’s doing now including his non-profit work rescuing dogs (40:47), and finally Rapid 10 (48:05).

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Oct 19, 2017

(SPOILERS) Sarah joins me to talk about her recent move to Dallas, how she was convinced she was a fill-in (2:48), her night one gimmick on Nick's season and early favorites (6:16), the first group date where Corinne took her top off (9:33), finding out Liz had a previous relationship with Nick (18:39), the Track & Field group date (22:42), the drama in Wisconsin at the rose ceremony between Vanessa & DLo (28:20), her relationship pre-BIP with Robby Hayes (34:45), explaining what happened between her, Raven, and Adam during the shutdown (40:42), why she moved to Dallas, new job, & attending the Texas State Fair (55:05), her love of gambling (1:01:34), having a star named after her (1:05:14), I ask a question from one of her friends (1:07:45), and finally Rapid 10 (1:12:39).

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Oct 12, 2017

(SPOILERS) Jen joins me to talk about if she wanted Ben to be the “Bachelor” her season, her limo entrance and how she thought she’d fare after the first night (2:55), her impressions of Olivia (8:59), Lauren B. being the front runner in Vegas (12:35), the “Teen Mom” comment in Mexico City (17:16), her relationship with Nick before Paradise (25:42), what she thought of their relationship once she got to the island (29:29), her post-show relationship with Nick and why she felt the way she did after he was named the “Bachelor” (32:15), her thoughts on Nick and Vanessa’s relationship (41:35), I ask her new roommate in Nashville Lauren Barr (“LB” from their season) to talk about her short time on the show (46:40), and then she spills some tea about Chris Lane, one of the music performers during Nick’s season who LB, and now many others, have dated (51:35), and finally both Jen and Lauren answer Rapid 10 questions (1:04:54), where Jen tells a funny story that was never shown on Ben’s season.

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Oct 5, 2017

(SPOILERS) Amanda joins me to talk about how she got cast on the “Bachelor,” how long did she think she’d last (6:22), her first 1-on-1 in Mexico City (8:18), Olivia’s “Teen Mom” comment that was blown out of proportion (11:34), Ben meeting her daughters on her hometown (15:57), going on Paradise last summer (20:50), what she knew about Josh beforehand (22:12), any hesitation about getting engaged (24:01), the mistake of Josh moving in so quickly (26:55), what she thought her role in the demise of the relationship was (34:40), what made her go back on BIP this summer (45:36), her decision to break up with Robby (48:25), the Robby cheating allegations from a July concert (53:00), did Robby meet her kids (59:05), her last contact with Josh (1:01:46), is she done with Bachelor shows (1:04:28), people bothered by her doing the shows and leaving her daughters (1:06:05), social media post show and writing a book (1:08:32), and finally Rapid 10 (1:20:14). 

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Sep 28, 2017

(SPOILERS)  Kenny joins me for Part 2 to talk about how he got his start in wrestling, what his schedule is like (5:40), how he would explain wrestling to the average person who has a preconceived notion of it (9:22), did being on the “Bachelorette” help or hinder his career (16:40), why he didn’t appear on BIP & what he thought of the DeMario/Corinne situation (21:46), his impression of Peter while on the show (29:01), Rachel & Bryan as a couple (32:50), and finally end with the Rapid 10 that, well, isn’t so rapid since it goes on for almost 25 minutes (36:04). 

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Sep 21, 2017

(SPOILERS) Kenny joins me to talk about how he got cast, the reaction he received in the wrestling locker room when they found out he was going on the “Bachelorette” (7:34), first night impressions (9:19), what his daughter thought of him doing the show (12:20), losing the obstacle course date to Whaboom (14:25), losing the mud wrestling date (24:54), his feud with Lee (26:48), the infamous 2-on-1 with Lee in Norway (32:31), his thoughts on Lee’s appearance at the MTA (37:30), does he think Lee’s a racist (46:00), his elimination in Denmark and relationship with Rachel (53:30). 

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Sep 14, 2017

(SPOILERS) Part 2 of Desiree’s interview starts off with her explaining how it was possible to be distraught after Brooks left then propose to Chris days later, also discusses the safe house visits she had with Chris while the season was airing (7:33), how her and Rachel faced the same criticism from the media (9:43), her brother’s comments post-show (12:31), how she felt about me having the wrong spoiler her whole season (17:00), was she upset at how the show was edited & how it focused more on Brooks and less on her relationship with Chris (24:03), we get to the $1 million question everyone has always wanted to know: why didn’t ABC televise their wedding? (30:35), her relationship with Chris post-show (35:17), their 10 month old son Asher (40:20), what she’s doing for work now (43:07), and finally end with the Rapid 10 (46:16).

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Sep 6, 2017

(SPOILERS)  Des joins me to talk about her relationship past before going on Seasn’s season & how she got cast, was Sean her type (4:47), first night competition (7:34), getting pranked on her first 1-on-1 date (11:34), Tierra as the villain (12:43), did she see Sean and Catherine’s connection (20:31), why she thinks the “Bachelorette” has more successful relationships than the “Bachelor” (24:25), her awful hometown date (27:44), when she was approached about “Bachelorette” (33:08), did she know her final 4 on night one (36:18), her favorite date of the season (41:57), first noticing Chris and the edit he got (44:50), did she ever think Juan Pablo would be the Bachelor (49:19), and the hardest part of being the lead of the show (55:25). 

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