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May 18, 2017

(SPOILERS) Jaclyn joins me and we talk “Bachelor Winter Games,” finding out Ben Flajnik was the “Bachelor” and her reaction (8:13), how she got on the show (11:20), Courtney being the favorite the second she arrived (16:15), her favorite memory from San Francisco & the infamous cocktail party where Shawntel showed up (19:57), who she thought would be the final 4 once she was gone & Jamie Otis’ post-show career (23:38), her role in the first lawsuit ABC filed against me (30:28), her strategy heading into “Bachelor Pad 3,” (37:24), the crazy ending of BP 3, how mad she was at Elan Gale & Rachel Truehart (42:56), how Ed almost missed the “Bachelor Pad” finale taping (45:06), the role of “villains” on this show and my appearance on Olivia Caridi’s podcast coming up (50:01), social media and Instagram changing the show (54:09), producer manipulation in “Bachelor in Paradise 2,” (1:00:22), how she understands now what Nick Peterson did at the end of BP 3 (1:01:51), advice she’d give future contestants (1:05:38), the hatred and bullying she received online after BIP 2 (1:07:35), and finally we end with Rapid 10 (1:18:01). 

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