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Jun 8, 2017

(SPOILERS) Kiptyn joins me to talk about how he got cast on the “Bachelorette,” he sized his competition night one of Jillian’s “Bachelorette” season (4:00), Ed leaving the show then getting to return (10:05), how he felt the morning of the final rose ceremony (16:06), his thoughts on Reid returning at the final rose ceremony to propose (17:44), a hypothetical of if Jillian picked him what does think would’ve happened (21:11), his talks with production about being the “Bachelor” (25:15), going on “Bachelor Pad” and not knowing what to expect (27:41), teaming with Tenley (29:09), his $250k mistake (31:33), a very open and candid conversation about his relationship with Tenley (36:08), how his current relationship with Samm came to be out of nowhere & finding out they were pregnant after date #2 (44:31), his current relationship status & their time with son Koltyn (48:35), Tenley’s reaction to find out they were pregnant (51:51), what he’s doing for work right now (58:11), and finally end with Rapid 10 (1:02:28). 

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